Spirithaven Farm is located on a 130-acre parcel of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Stuart, Virginia. While it is a work in progress, it is the realization of a dream of its caretakers. Named for the ability this land has to make one's Soul and Spirit feel "at Peace", Spirithaven Farm is home to the Eutsler family and all of its resident Life Forms both domesticated and indigenous.

Spirithaven is a working farm where several species of uncommon livestock are raised. St. Croix sheep, Myotonic or "Tennessee Fainting" goats, blue-egg-laying Ameruacana chickens and acrobatic Breslauer Tumbler and Birmingham Roller pigeons call the farm home.
Visitors to Spirithaven will also see horses and peafowl roaming the property along with their wilder neighbors including White-tailed deer, turkey, bobcats and the occasional Black bear. Our pond is alive with catfish, bass and bluegill, and our fields with fruit trees and ornamentals.

We believe this land is so special that we feel the need to share its energy with like-minded folks at certain times during the year. To that end we began to offer workshops and retreats that emphasize Arts and Music. Our "Flagship" event is Darbukastani Independence Days, a three-day festival revolving around Central Asian music and dance, drawing interested people from around the country. We also host other local events featuring Bluegrass, Folk and Celtic music and dance and much more.
Click here for a full schedule of events at Spirithaven.


We are always looking to expand on our offerings of educational workshops and events. Earth-skills and Holistic/Contemporary healing events are in the works for the near future. A small performing arts center is on the drawing board which will also house our vintage 80 year-old yurt from Uzbekistan. It is also hoped that within a year or two we will be able to offer Bed and Breakfast services on the farm in addition to the camping facilities in existence at present.
We welcome inquiries about and suggestions for other events and/or services we might provide.