Join us as the Citizenry of Darbukastan display their considerable talents.

Here are some of the details...

Friday Evening- recorded music
Saturday Evening- live music

Solo artists may take a 4 minute slot, troupes, 7 minutes.
(in the past, some performers ran way over their allotted time, and consequently, some people did not get to perform at all. So, please choose your music to fit the time slot. )
The sound system can handle CD's and Ipod inputs
Fire performance is allowed, within limits

To sign up to perform in the show, please send the following info;

Using live music, CD, or Ipod?
Name of band or musicians?: (I'll try to put dancers using the same musicians one after the other so we don't have as much shuffling of bands.)
If you have accompanying musicians, number of mics or other inputs needed?
Length of your performance:

How should we announce you?
Track #(for CD) or Title of song for Ipod:
Starting the music when you are set on stage, or will you come out after music starts?
Any end cues we should be aware of?
Notes or special requests:



A clipboard will be hanging in the pavillion with last minute sign up sheets. Those signing up at the event cannot be guaranteed honoring of special requests (ie: wanting to go first or last, ect).