What is DID?

The name Darbukastan is a play on ‘darbuka’, the name of the traditional hand drum prevalent in music across the globe. Darbukastan as an idea was born out of the generous and creative spirits of Kay and Scott, loving caretakers and dwellers of Spirithaven Farm. Darbukastan was created as a place for its citizens to celebrate a community of love, joy, creativity, and togetherness that flourishes independent of the comings and goings of the wider world. It is a place for old friends to come together, new connections to be made, and further art forms to be explored. It it nurtured and protected as a place of warmth, welcome, creativity and healing.

Darbukastan Independence Days (known as DID) is a weekend camping event, bringing like-minded people together to share, love, learn, laugh, and grow. With a founding focus on Middle-Eastern music and dance, DID holds relaxed and inviting classes in these and other art forms, showcases bands and performers, and creates opportunities to party, play, and live life together. DID aims to support its citizens in all ways, and to foster a welcoming environment.

All who enter Spirithaven for DID become Citizens of Darbukastan. This entails:

  • Being free from prejudice based on age, skin color, education, sexual identity or expression, gender, etc.
  • Being open and willing to learn, and to share knowledge with anyone who wishes to learn
  • Choosing kindness
  • Supporting our environment, both physical and spiritual
  • Following Scott and Kay’s rules, as our space is their working farm
  • Respecting Spirithaven and supporting its needs
  • Helping, sharing, and contributing to the best of your abilities
  • Having gratitude for what is shared with you

Once you are a Citizen, Darbukastan is not where you go – it is wherever you are.

– June 6-9, 2024 –

Regular Registration: $75 adults – $25 Children 12 and under